Health and Safety Risk Management Audit

Audit is critical to the development of any good management system.

If we look at the models presented by HSG65 & ISO standards, we see that audit is employed as a preparatory first stage, and on a periodic (often annual) basis to confirm compliance and progress.


A similar audit is required to monitor and ensure the level of compliance and progress made by an organisation with regards to health and safety risk management. In this way an audit provides a management system approach to health and safety. The report produced as a result of an audit contains top-level recommendations with priority and budget costs indicated for the suggested actions.

The audit covers issues such as:

    • Appointment of Responsible Person;
    • Roles, responsibilities and lines of communication;
    • Risk assessment and re-assessment compliance;
    • Review of the policy and procedures;
    • Implementation of remedial works;
    • Evidence of monitoring and performance of systems;
    • Staff training;
    • Records.

Our audits are available for the following subject areas:

    1. Management of health and safety
    2. Accidents and first aid
    3. Accommodation for clothing
    4. Catering
    5. Control of contractors
    6. COSHH & hazardous substances (bacteria (legionella), mineral fibres (asbestos), gas, liquids)
    7. Display screen equipment
    8. Doors and gates
    9. Drinking Water
    10. Electrical safety
    11. Falls and falling objects including work at heights
    12. Fire safety, fire prevention and emergency policy (including contingency plans)
    13. Floors and traffic routes
    14. Housekeeping and cleaning
    15. Illumination, lighting
    16. Minimal handling, manual handling, lifting etc
    17. Noise
    18. Personal protective equipment
    19. Resting and Eating Meals
    20. Risk assessment and risk minimisation schemes
    21. Safety policies for Serious or Imminent Danger / Emergency (including safe systems, permits and lone working)
    22. Scalding and Burns
    23. Training, information, instruction, supervision and communication
    24. Waste management
    25. Welfare provisions including sanitary facilities, washing facilities, resting and eating meals
    26. Windows and window cleaning
    27. Work equipment
    28. Workplace environment
    29. Key Workers
    30. Lifting Operations
    31. Safety Signs
    32. Pressure Equipment
    33. Ionising Radiation
    34. DDA
    35. Confined Work Space
    36. Working Time Regs
    37. Lifts
    38. HTM 00 Good Practice Audit
    39. Legionellosis Risk Management
    40. Asbestos Risk Management
    41. Pre CQC audits

These audits are available as either single issue audits, a full health and safety audit or any relevant combination of the topics. The audits are also available in versions tailored to the requirements on the following:

    • NHS Trust Estates and Facilities Departments;
    • Local Authority Property Services, Estates and Facilities Departments;
    • University Property Services, Estates and Facilities Departments;
    • Housing Association Property Services, Estates and Facilities Departments;
    • Hotels etc;
    • Industry;
    • Other Organisations