Water Safety & Hygienge

The successful “Water Safety Division” of “Empathy Environmental Consultants Ltd” was established in early 2009.  The group has already gained a steady growth and following.

Alan was formerly Director of a well known Consultancy Practice specialising in Legionellosis risk management for over 18 years, and his experience and knowledge is vast.  Alan has conducted many thousand legionellosis risk assessments; audits; training sessions; developed policy and procedures; conducted reviews and trials of water treatment equipment; provided expert advice and assisted in the preparation of key technical guidance documents. Alan now has over 30 years experience and works as an AE & Auditor.

Our principle services include:

Legionellosis / water safety policy and procedures;

Water safety written schemes / water safety plans;

Legionellosis / water safety training (various courses) - CP / AP / RP / Awareness;

Legionellosis water safety risk management audits;

Water AE / IA roles.

Empathy Environmental Consultants Ltd is offering all of the above services, employing Empathy Environmental Consultants Ltd’s unique tailored service, so that no two projects are the same – the client receives exactly what they expect and need.
Empathy Environmental Consultants Ltd offer FREE “Legionellosis Briefings” . Please call 07917 729391 or e-mail alan@empathyec.co.uk to arrange one of the free technical briefing sessions.