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With the ever increasing plethora of health and safety legislation, and the seemingly ever decreasing resource allocation to the Estates, Facilities and Property Management Function, it is vital to identify a cost effective means of gaining appropriate health and safety documentation for our Departments activities.

With this in mind Alan Hambidge is extremely pleased to announce the exciting launch of the Empathy Environmental Consultants Ltd On-Line Health and Safety Resource. This new Resource provides access to hundreds of pre-prepared template documents for Estates, Facilities and Property Management Departments, including:

  1. Over 20 Health and Safety Policy and Procedures;
  2. Over 44 Work Activity Risk Assessments;
  3. Over 40 Safe Work Method / Procedures;
  4. Various training templates;
  5. Contractor audit and assessment forms;
  6. A template COSHH assessment completed and populated with over 240 of the most commonly used Estates, facilities & Property Management substances with the typical assessment complete;
  7. A COSHH assessment procedure and training slides;
  8. Trade staff Health and Safety Guide Book;
  9. Contractor Health and Safety Guide Book;
  10. Site inspection forms;
  11. Various template safety signs, permits, posters etc;
  12. Technical articles and papers;
  13. Client Sample Documents;
  14. Many other items

The resource is available in two formats as an annual subscription to an on-line web resource with regular updates, and as electronic files version which will be issued to you for a one off fee.  The model is proving very popular, and the first 100 organisations to sign up will receive both the electronic format and web access together for no additional fee.  The cost is extremely good value at an initial cost of just £750+VAT – this relates to just a couple of pounds for each templates!

The web site is updated regularly and new information added, and there is a facility for you to ask for items that are not on the site. If there are sufficient requests they will be added to the site.

Please feel free to contact Alan with questions and comments on 07917 729 391 or e-mail