Policy and Procedures

The development of policy and procedures, tailored to the client’s needs, for the safe management of health and safety is essential.


Empathy Environmental Consultants Ltd can offer effective policy and procedures that have been developed over a period of years and can be tailored to a client’s individual needs. We can offer the following levels of focussed policy and procedures:


    • Organisation policy;
    • Central procedures;
    • Contractor level procedures;
    • Procedures for site heads, including site log books and water hygiene manuals;

We can provide health and safety policies and procedures in over 60 areas including:

    1. Management of health and safety
    2. Accidents and first aid
    3. Accommodation for clothing
    4. Catering
    5. Confined spaces
    6. Control of contractors
    7. COSHH & hazardous substances
    8. Display screen equipment
    9. Doors and gates
    10. Electrical safety
    11. Falls and falling objects including work at heights
    12. Fire safety, fire prevention and emergency policy
    13. Floors and traffic routes
    14. Housekeeping and cleaning
    15. Illumination, lighting
    16. Minimal handling, manual handling, lifting etc
    17. Noise
    18. Personal protective equipment
    19. Risk assessment and risk minimisation schemes
    20. Safety policies
    21. Training, information and communication
    22. Waste management
    23. Welfare provisions including sanitary facilities, washing facilities, resting and eating meals
    24. Windows and window cleaning
    25. Work equipment
    26. Workplace environment
    27. Asbestos Management
    28. Legionellosis / Water Hygiene Management
    29. Permit to Work
    30. Project Management and Communication Procedure
    31. Pseudomonas management Procedure;

The policy documents are available as either single issue policies, a full set of health and safety policy or any relevant combination of the above policy topics. The policy documents are also available in versions tailored to the requirements of the following:

    • NHS Trust Estates and Facilities Departments;
    • Local Authority Property Services, Estates and Facilities Departments;
    • University Property Services, Estates and Facilities Departments;
    • Housing Association Property Services, Estates and Facilities Departments;
    • Hotels etc;
    • Industry;
    • Other organisations